About – Who we are

The quest and commercialisation of very special and authentic products is our core motivation. Our know-how is based on worldwide experience on all levels within the food industry, retail markets and development aid.

Today it is no more sufficient to have good products only out of medium sized enterprises. To launch and commercialise these products successfully a clear concept is necessary. Therefore pricing for all trade levels is a main part of the strategy. Packaging, labelling and logistics as well matching resources are also integral components for commercialisation. Biofood-direct supports you to capitalise your potential.
As Dr. Peter Kristoffersen from „coesam Scandinavia“ was looking for a sustainable market concept we met at the Anuga fair in 2009.
Doing market analysis for the coesam hiprose powder we proved our keen intuition of special goods. This resulted in an exclusive sales agreement afterwards.

Rosa cannina AP4
Ernst Vandeberg, Dr. Peter Kristoffersen, Juan Ramón Collío Sanhueza (from left to right)
Organic Maqui (Aristotelia chilensis)

Coesam organic rosehip products and other natural remedies.
The brand Coesam has its origin in South of Chile (Patagonia). Here the organic hiprose plantation “Santa Magdalena” is located.

Excellent climatic conditions (sunny days and cool nights) at the brink of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean secure ideal growth and ripeness of fruit.

Here, Coesam cultivates „Rosa canina“ (cultivar AP4) on volcanic topsoil for over 30 years out of own scions and without biocide or fertiliser. In the meantime we support social projects in cooperation with Chilean government and Mapuche indigenous people.
A range of special nutrients (antioxidants, galactolipids, lavonoids) as well as the gentle processing (raw food quality) and ongoing quality control on site define the unique qualities of those organic rosehip products. All Coesam products are constantly being controlled in laboratory tests.

Therefore you will find on all labels the analysis of nutritional value. 18 months ago we discovered Maqui berry powder in the South of Chile. Maqui represents the fruit with the highest ORAC value of all known fruits and berries. Of course European classics like organic Jerusalem artichoke powder are also part of this category.

As of now Coesam provides a wide range of natural remedies for humans as well as for pets. You will find further information on the following pages.