BIO natural medicine

We follow the idea of Hippocrates who said

“Our food should be remedy and our remedy should be food”

That is why we speak of natural remedies when we are referring to our products. Indigenous people used them for themselves and their animals to increase health and wellbeing since way back.

Our natural remedy is processed in a natural state. It has raw food quality and is vegan as well as gluten-free.

Additionally to the vitamins the nutrients to highlight are:

  • galactolipids in Coesam rosehip organic products.
    They support generation of synovial fluid.

  • Prebiotic fiber inulin in Coesam organic topinambur tubers (Jerusalem artichoke) products
    (Coesam Organic InuTop-F powder, fermented). It helps restoring a healthy gut flora.


  • ORAC Delphinidin in Coesam organic Maquiberry powder.
    It contains around 70% of antioxidants and therefore protects cells from being attacked by free radicals. It supports working immune system as well as healthy level of blood sugar and cholesterol.


Have we made you curious?

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