SUKO VET Rosehip FiberPlus Organic

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For horses, dogs and pets
Rosa canina L.
from controlled organic farming

SUKO VET Organic Rosehip FiberPlus is a unique food supplement that helps against arthritis and inflammation. It strengthens the immune system in dogs, small animals (cats, rodents , etc. ) as well as horses.

SUKO VET rosehip FiberPlus contains the best of the fruit shell and seeds of the AP – 4 Rosehip. It is an excellent source of antioxidants such as vitamin C , beta-carotene and galactolipids. By combining rosehip powder and rosehip seeds we get this pellet with low starch and sugar content but with a high, natural content of calcium and phosphorus (ratio 2.7 : 1).

The high fiber content allows a sustainable release of energy.

Food supplement
for horses, dogs, pets as for ex. cats and rodents.

Ingredients of the product:
10 % SUKO VET Rosehip powder* 90 % SUKO VET Rosehip seeds* (*from controlled organic farming) The pellets are grain-free and cold-pressed.

Nutrition value per daily dose:
Dried material         93,20%
Raw protein               4,20 %
Raw fat                        6,1 %
Raw dietary fiber     47,30 %
Carbohydrate           29,30 %
Raw ash                      3,20 %
Calcium                      0,47 %
Phosphor                   0,18 %

Recommended daily dose:
2-3 g per 10 kg body weight Horse: 25 g per 100 kg body weight