SUKO VET Rosehip Powder

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For horses, dogs and pets

Rosa canina L.
from controlled organic farming

SUKO VET rosehip powder is a unique feed product that helps against osteoarthritis and inflammation, and strengthens the immune system in dogs and pets.

For smoother and shinier skin.

SUKO VET rosehip powder contains the best of the fruit shells and seeds of the AP – 4 organic rosehip.

SUKO VET rosehip powder is an excellent source of antioxidants such as vitamin C and betacarotenes.

Food supplement:
for horses, dogs and pets as for ex. cats and rodents.

Ingredients of the product:
100 % SUKO VET Rosehip powder* (*from controlled organic farming) The pellets are grain-free and cold-pressed.

Nutrition value per daily dose:
Dry material      91,30 %
Raw protein        4,20 %
Raw fat              24,50 %
Carbohydrate   55,60 %
Raw ash              4,40 %
Calcium              0,65 %
Phosphor            0,13 %

Recommended daily dose:
2 g per 10 kg body weight Horse: 5 g per 100 kg body weight During intense exercise and acute joint problems we recommend twice daily dose.


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