Coesam Organic Rosehip powder

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detail_12869Rosa canina AP-4
from certified organic plantation
Santa Magdalena, Chile

COESAM Rosehip Powder is an excellent natural
source of vitamin C and beta-carotene.

COESAM Rosehip Powder is made from the fruits
of Rosa canina AP-4, a special variety of the
dog rose Rosa canina L.
The AP-4 plant was selected from rosehips found in
the highlands of the Andes mountains in Chile. The
ripened fruits of the AP-4 variety are sour-sweet
in taste and contain a high level of active

The AP-4 plants are cultivated under optimal climate conditions in volcanic soil of the plantation Santa Magdalena in the south of Chile.

COESAM Rosehips are hand picked at the most optimal harvesting time and dried by a careful drying procedure to preserve the heat sensitive ingredients.

COESAM Rosehip Powder is an excellent source of antioxidants such as vitamin C and betacarotene that helps protecting the cells against oxidative stress.

From certified and controlled organic cultivation.
This product is gluten free and has raw quality.

Powdered fruit shells and seeds of Rosa canina L.
(cultivar AP-4)*. All the hairs have been removed.
(*from controlled organic farming)

Recommended daily dose: 2 tsp (5 g). Use on müsli, yoghurt, or with fruit juice.

Energy per daily dose (5 g): 14 kcal
Nutritional value per daily dose:
Fat, hence 203 mg
Dietary fiber 2025 mg
unsaturated fatty acid 18 mg
Protein 270 mg
Linoleic acid (Ω6) 72 mg
Lycopene 81 μg
α-Linolenic acid (Ω3) 95 mg
Vitamin C 16 mg *(20%)
Carbohydrate, hence 1450 mg
Vitamin A 21 μg *(3%)
fruit sugar 1045 mg

*Percent recommended daily value

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Pregnant women and infants under 1 year of age should only ingest the product under medical supervision. Store dry and cool and out of the reach of children.

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